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Cash Loans Terms in Blend PH

1000...25000 PHP
2...25 days
0.5% %
Repayment options
Terminal, Private office
Application processing speed
5 minutes
Payout rate
24 hours
24 hours a day
CS 201908028
Credit history
Official employment
Age years
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Blend PH Company Data:

Number CS 201908028
Financing Company Name Inclusive Financial Technologies Inc.
City/Municipality Pasig City
Province Metro Manila

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The creators of BlendPH envisioned the project as an online communication platform for Filipinos who need access to a financial institution for financing purposes and residents who want to increase their wealth through certain investments.

BlendPH encourages Filipinos with its flexible loans with low-interest rates. So many of the company’s investors add money and help raise the standard of living for the rest of the company’s members.

How to Get an Online Loan with BLEND PH?

To get a loan from BLEND PH, you need to follow simple steps on the website:

  • Create an account and create an account, then you need to apply for loan funds. Specify data and upload each claim;
  • Evaluation with a credit check follows;
  • The company will check everything and then approve/reject the loan;
  • If the loan is approved, then it will show up at the Blend auction, where lenders can fund it;
  • Get a loan from a lender!

Loans types

Personal Loan

The purpose of the loan is to finance the user’s business, travel or education. The amount is ₱50k to ₱2M with an interest rate of 1-3% monthly.

Fast loan disbursement

The loan is ideal for short-term purposes for every Filipino. The amount is ₱10k to ₱40k with an interest rate of 5-8% monthly.

Seafarers Loan

This loan is for Filipino sailors. The amount is ₱50k to ₱500k with an interest rate of 2.5% monthly. The prerequisites are Allottee Form, POEA contract, and seafarer’s identity cards with the seafarer’s book.

Payday Loan

Employee line of credit. Amount – ₱10k to ₱25k at an interest rate of 3-5% monthly.

Franchise Loan

An ideal offer for starting a franchise business. Amount – ₱50k – ₱2M at an interest rate of 2-3% monthly.

Advantages of BLEND PH

  • The ability to apply online to any Filipino anytime and anywhere. It requires a smartphone and the Internet.
  • Interest rates are individual, referring to the creditworthiness of the user.
  • Fast approval of applications. A loan decision will be made quickly by meeting all the company’s requirements and providing the necessary documents.
  • Fast funding. With support, lenders instantly fund the loan.

BLEND PH Contacts

For more detailed info, the user can contact BLEND PH via e-mail or phone: / (02) 8293-3628. BLEND PH Address: Penthouse A, OMM Citra Bldg. San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.