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5000...10000 PHP
30...60 days
0.8 %
Repayment options
Terminal, Private office
Application processing speed
1 hour
Payout rate
24 hours
24 hours a day
Credit history
Official employment
Age years
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EasyCash.ph Loans Philippines Company Data:

Number 640
Financing Company Name Easycash Lending Company Inc.
City/Municipality Manila
Province Metro Manila

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Easycash (Cash Advanced) is a company providing financial services and specializing on issuing personal loans, seafarer loans and business loans. It is a legally SEC registered company, which operates in the Philippines according to the laws of the country.

In order to get an online loan, the client needs to visit the official site, create a personal account there and fill in the details about the loan he needs and his data. The loan application is evaluated within minutes or one hour maximum.

EasyCash Why Us

Personal Loan from EasyCash

Any situation in life should bring you frustration because of money issues. Money can be found quickly and without needless actions. Simply apply for a personal loan from Easycash and pay your tuition fee or bills, medical bills or home renovations also need quick payments. Even appliance or gadget purchase can not wait till the payday. Cash Advance is designed to help you with urgent needs.

When the client needs higher loan amounts or wants to get a loan secured by property, he needs to contact a client support manager for developing a personal offer.

Seafarer loan from EasyCash

Aim of the company is to provide assistance to Filipino Seafarers move forward and achieve their professional goals. Often seamen need financial support before the departure as they need to provide for their families. With Cash Advanced you can secure these needs and repay the money after the paycheck comes. Low interest rate makes no damage to the family budget.

EasyCash How to Apply

Qualifications and requirements to be approved

  • Filipino citizen with a stable income
  • Valid Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Availability of current contract of deployment certified by Agency and POEA approved
  • POEA stamped Contract of Employment
  • Overseas Employment Certificate – POEA certified
  • SRC/SIRB – Seafarer’s Registration Certificate/Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book
  • Updated and latest Allotment Slip (If applicable)
  • Latest Proof of Billing
  • Have a co-borrower (Co-borrower must be the allottee or immediate relative of the seafarer, provide all required documents)

NOTE: Additional documents may be requested depending on customer’s application.

Business Loan from EasyCash

Being a businessman sounds like a person has a stable source of income. But it is only partly true. From time to time, a businessman may experience downs or might need investments for developing business. If there is not enough savings, EasyCash can boost your business. Increasing the working capital, you can go through financial difficulties and repay the debt later after receiving profit.

Company’s program of supporting small business is popular among Filipino businessmen.