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Cash Loans Terms in Flexi Finance

1000...35000 PHP
5...55 days
1% %
Repayment options
Terminal, Private office
Application processing speed
5 minutes
Payout rate
24 hours
24 hours a day
Official employment
Age years
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Number 1366
Financing Company Name Flexi Finance Asia Inc.
City/Municipality Cebu
Province Province of Cebu

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Flexi Finance Asia Inc. was founded in Cebu, the Philippines, in 2015. The company’s goal is to provide affordable, accessible, and fair consumer finance. The company’s products are chosen by more than 1 million people worldwide.

Flexi Finance’s specialty is consumer finance. Users can get financing to buy appliances, go on vacation, plus there is the option of a cash loan at the company’s branches. The site has a loan calculator to help calculate the payments correctly.

How to Get an Online Loan with Flexi Finance?

The requirements of the company are suitable for very many people. The client must provide two valid identifiers (SSS, TIN, voter ID, passport, driver’s license) and the period of employment in the last position (minimum three months).

The company operates in 17 cities in the Philippines. Application for a loan is made at one of the sales offices. The response time to the application is 30 minutes.

Then, the user will sign the contract and receive cash for their purchase. The interest rate of the company varies from term to term with the amount of the loan. Loans are paid at the company’s sales office. Those users who are delinquent on their loan are assessed additional penalties from Flexi Finance.

Loans types

Sales finance

The option is suitable for those who need a particular thing. That is, you need to buy a new smartphone or give someone a gift. Buy gadgets, appliances, or vacations to take advantage of the best installment offers.

A credit card is unnecessary – the user only needs to select an item and talk to a Flexi Finance representative at their partner stores. The loan is repaid in equal monthly installments. The lowest installment payments are offered for up to 36 months. The down payment is 10%-60%.

Cash Loan

The company offers cash loans to regular customers with excellent payment history. Users’ accounts are checked all the time, and the automated system itself determines whom to issue a cash loan to via SMS notification.

Flexi Finance Contacts

The company’s branches are open Monday through Sunday. Business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Affiliate stores operate on their schedules, and a company sales specialist assists users daily during store hours.

For more detailed info, the user can contact Flexi Finance via e-mail or phone: info@flexi.com.ph / +63 9293 455 444. Flexi Finance Address: CIFC Tower Juan Luna Avenue Extension NRA, Mabolo, Cebu City.