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GoBear is a proven financial advisor that benchmarks insurance plans and financial products with advice to find the most appropriate solution for companies.

GoBear’s professional platform works with companies and individuals to plan for the financial future.  The company’s consultants offer data with recommendations on these topics:

  • insurance solutions;
  • expense items;
  • financial collaborations;
  • investments.

GoBear advantages

Accurate and honest insurance comparisons with financial products displayed on gadget displays make the decision much more straightforward, putting aside the pressure and further advice. The entrepreneur accessibly gets a concise analysis of the insurance-banking marketplace.

What customers get in partnership with GoBear:

  • Insurance/financial planning;
  • short- and long-term financing goals;
  • an assessment of their financial situation;
  • summaries on credit cards and complex banking products;
  • purchase/sales management;
  • managing insurance partnerships.

GoBear works to provide clients with an objective assessment of the banking/insurance sector, segregated adequately into areas of focus digitally. Each calculation is based solely on the client’s interests, but there is an opportunity for consultation and advice.

GoBear’s operating principles

  • No interest in promoting a particular bank/insurance company;
  • saving customers’ money;
  • simplification of data into an informed comparison with a choice.
  • Use of new technologies, simplicity, and accessibility of structured analytics.

On the site, the user can find only the best tools and ratings and comparative analysis of the financial with the insurance market.