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5000...50000 PHP
61...365 days
2.3 %
Application processing speed
1 hour
Payout rate
24 hours
24 hours a day
Makati City
Credit history
Official employment
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Number 1659
Financing Company Name FinSpec
City/Municipality Makati City
Province Metro Manila

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Loan Load

Loan Load offers online loans to Filipino citizens under almost no requirements to the borrower. Only one valid ID is need for the application. Available amounts of loan – 5000-50000 Php. Loans are issued for up to a year. Due to low requirements, the risks for the lender are high, thus the interest rate is from 1% to 2,3% per day.

Application form on the site of Loan Load is very simple and intuitive. It does not require specific computer skills to lend money from the Loan Load.

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About loans from Loan Load

The rates of approval are very high due to the lowest requirements possible. The applicant needs only one ID, no references, no guarantors. In return, the client gets transparent conditions of the personal loan with no hidden fees and commissions.

Application process is fully carried out online, which makes it quick and easy. Besides, it saves borrower’s money and time for travelling around the city looking for lender’s office. Receiving money in case of a positive evaluation of the application takes from several minutes to several hours, sometimes in one hour.

Requirements to the borrower: Filipino citizen with a government-issued ID, at the age of 18 y.o. and above. Credit history check is carried out within minutes.

If the borrower does not repay the loan amount or the amount of interest at the time specified in the contract, the lender imposes a fine for payment delay. Most lenders make concessions and give the borrower a chance to repay the loan without fines giving 3 additional days for payment. This might happen in different circumstances, for example, if the money transfer takes longer than usual. Very decision is made individually. Average penalty amounts 0.10% of the original loan amount, 0.03% of the average loan amount for consumer loans and credit cards. Ad credit history would definitely influence the chances of getting an emergency loan in the future. Besides, debt can be transferred from the lender to a collection agency.

When the time of repayment comes, you receive a notification via SMS or short email. It is highly recommended to make a payment on the same day you receive the notification.