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20000...200000 PHP
90...1800 days
0.04 %
Application processing speed
1 hour
Payout rate
24 hours
24 hours a day
Credit history
Official employment
Age years
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Number 530
City/Municipality Pasig City
Province NCR

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Loansolutions PH

Loansolutions PH is listed among the registered companies, providing financial service , on the official site of Securities and Exchange Commission. It is a branch of the GLOBAL DOMINION FINANCING, INCROPORATED.

Loansolutions PH How It Works

About LoanSolutions PH

The company gives clients an opportunity to get connected with a wide range of partner banks and private financial organizations in the Philippines.

Advantages of Loan Solutions PH

  • Apply in just 3 minutes, one hour maximum
  • Get fast approval
  • Experienced company (has been serving since 2014)
  • Thousands of thankful customers
  • Expert loan advisors
  • Cooperation with top lenders of the Philippines
  • Propositions from multiply lenders
  • Service is 100% free

Loansolutions PH Eligible

Types of loans provided by LoanSolutions PH

  • School fees loan can help in paying off tuition fees and other school expenses. Both parents or a student may apply for a loan. Loan Solutions PH cooperates with a number of financial companies, which provide this type of persoanl loan.
  • Collateral loan may become a real saver for those Filipinos, who have a bad credit history or don’t have it at all. At the same time, they have property that can become a guarantee of returning the money.
  • Medical emergency loan are one of the fastest issued loans. Unfortunately, we can’t always plan medical expenses, but they usually come unexpectedly and need emergent solution. Loans from partner organizations may help sick people or their relatives get healthier.
  • OFW loans is offered by a number of banks. Instead of wasting time and searching for them everywhere, with LoanSolutions find them all in one place and choose the one you like most.
  • Loans for a special occasion is a good offer for those, who don’t want to delay their life for later. For example, a couple wants to get married but they do not have enough money for celebration. Or maybe you want to through away a party for your parents’ anniversary? LoanSolutions PH assists celebrating your holidays when you have them and pay later.
  • Major purchase loan helps paying for costly things. Whether it is a renovation or furniture, appliances or devices. Loan solutions will find you an appropriate online lender with best terms and conditions for your purpose.

Requirements for getting a personal loan

For employed Filipinos

  • Officially issued certificate of employment
  • Latest utility bill statements
  • Company identification
  • Latest paychecks
  • Income tax certificate
  • One government-issued ID

For self-employed Filipinos

  • Any valid ID
  • Copy of business name registration
  • SEC documents for partnerships
  • Audited financial statements (for the last 2 years)
  • Bank statements
  • DTI for single proprietors
  • Income tax document