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Cash Loans Terms in Opeso

1000...20000 PHP
1...30 days
1 %
Repayment options
Terminal, Private office
Application processing speed
5 minutes
Payout rate
24 hours
24 hours a day
Credit history
Official employment
Age years
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Opeso Company Data:

Number 2896
City/Municipality Pasig city

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How to Get an Online Loan from Opeso?

Opeso, a Philippine online financial corporation, deals in financial technology products for Filipinos. The company provides money loans that are up to 20,000 pesos for short/quick terms.

Opeso’s loan service is available to every ordinary citizen of the country to help every Filipino settle financial problems.

Opeso loans are available to Filipino citizens who are at least 20 years old. The maximum age for receiving credit funds is 65 years old.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Opeso

The company stands out from the rest with the following indicators:

  • Easy to use: the user only needs to download the mobile app, where they should select the amount with the term of the loan online and apply for approval.
  • Transparent charging of fees: there are no hidden fees, as each payment will be announced after use, so there are no other fees.
  • Quick decisions: the company’s patented credit scoring technology allows for a quick way to check creditworthiness. The funds will appear in the user’s account within 24 hours.
  • Excellent service: when the user has questions, they can contact the online service in the application or call the company hotline number +63 999 415 3606.
  • Secure settings: Users’ personal data is fully protected, so the data provided is not disclosed. The company uses global industry standards for security with encryption.
  • Flexible features: the user has the ability to extend the term of the loan and apply for new loans after the repayment amount.

How it works

  1. You need to install the Opeso mobile app.
  2. Then go through registration, where it is essential to specify your phone number.
  3. Check the loan terms/conditions carefully.
  4. After reading the terms of the loan, fill in the online app to get a loan. Please choose the amount with its repayment term by entering the name with the number of the beneficiary bank.
  5. The online loan must be approved by Opeso specialists, who will verify the authenticity of the data.

Opeso Contacts

Opeso wants to help everyone who needs money. Opeso implements its goal of providing the top credit services to the people of the Philippines.

The contact numbers of Opeso are (02) 7906 5683 and +63 999 415 3606. It is also easy to contact the company by mail any day and at any time.

Opeso is located in Oriental plaza, emerald drive, PH, Pasig city, San Antonio.