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1.5 %
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When you need cash here and now, there is PawnHero to the rescue.

According to statistics, 60% of people prefer personal cash loans from financial institutions instead of borrowing money from colleagues and friends. This is quite understandable, when you think of difficulties which money bring to the relationships between people. When you have unplanned expenses, try to use PawnHero service. It is a leader in the industry of pawn broking in the Philippines.

PawnHero sees its mission in providing the most useful and trustworthy financial service to all citizens of the Philippines in need of quick online loans. PawnHero uses advanced technologies and is constantly developing its service. Besides, high security standards allow having no worries. PawnHero provides instant emergency cash loans to its clients in a simple, hassle-free, quick and discreet manner.


  • For customers of working age (21-65 y.o.)
  • The interest rate – 1,5% per day
  • No additional fees
  • Free pick-up and storage

About PawnHero

PawnHero sets new high standards to the industry of pawnshops. Instead of accepting only jewelry for collateral, PawnHero also accepts designer bags, watches, gadgets (tablets, smartphones, laptops, cameras), home electronics (TV, vacuum cleaners, gaming consoles, etc.).

Another advantage of the PawnHero is its low interest rate, which is only 2.99% per month. Clients also appreciate flexible and loyal loan terms which can be renewed each month with no hidden fees or charges.

Unlike most online lending companies, PawnHero suit those Filipinos, who do not hold bank cards. PawnHero issues all clients a free cash card which they can use for personal banking transactions.

How does it work?

  1. To start the process go to the official site and click the “Pawn now” button.
  2. Form the list, select the item you want to pledge.
  3. Schedule your item pick-up by the courier.
  4. On the agreed time, a trusted Accountant comes to your address to provide free personal loan kit.
  5. Sign the papers.
  6. In just an hour, you are ready to use the free cash card to withdraw to the nearest ATM.