Possibilities of Getting a Cash Loan Online in Cebu City

There is no need to explain why people use lending services from time to time. Life is full of surprises and sometimes, you need emergent money for extra expenses. Waiting till the payday is not an option if the case is emergent. Thus, people apply for an online loan from various financial institutions or direct lenders.

Depending on the needs and personal circumstances, the customer chooses the lender and type of loan. We recommend to carefully study conditions and terms before signing the contact.

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1000 days
1000 PHP
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Types of Loans Available in Cebu

There are several types of loans offered by different lenders in the Cebu City:

  • Consumer credit is what large retail chains offer when buying household appliances and electronics.
  • Installment is a loan that can be repaid in installments without unnecessary overpayments.
  • Online loan – a loan provided by financial companies online.  The fastest, but most expensive loan.
  • Mortgage loan – issued for the purchase of real estate.
  • Professional loan – issued to the specialists if specific sphere (for example, sailors, doctors, etc.)

How to Get Cash in Cebu

Credits are also distinguished by the form of issuance:

  • Cash loans in an hour.  The name speaks for itself.  The borrower receives the required amount of cash or a payment card, from which they can be withdrawn.
  • Online loan on the card.  You will receive the necessary amount of money to your bank card.  Issued by financial companies.
  • Consumer loan.  The bank pays by cashless payment for your purchase in the store, and you gradually pay the debt with interest.

What Documents Are Needed for a Loan?

Specific list of required documents depends on which loan and from what financial institution you want to receive.  The richest list of securities is needed to obtain a mortgage.  Here, each bank sets the list itself, and it must be specified on the spot.

In other cases, it is sufficient to provide:

  • At least one official government issued ID card of the citizen of the Philippines
  • Active mobile phone number and email address
  • Certificate of income from the place of work for the last 6-12 months.  Although, it is not always required.  If it is not, they may ask for other documents confirming solvency – documents for an apartment or a car.
  • Valid proof of billing
  • 2-3 contact numbers of your relatives, friends or colleagues.  Bankers will call them if you suddenly do not repay the loan.
  • If a loan is taken by a business owner, a certificate of state registration and a report on revenue for the last reporting period are added to the list.

Then it remains to wait for the decision of the lender.  It will check your credit history, study your credit rating and think whether it is worth dealing with you.

Credit or Credit Card

Often money is needed for a short time: for up to a month.  To take a loan in this case is not necessary.  You can apply for a credit card that will allow 30 to 60 days – during the grace period – to use the bank’s money for free. This is a great decision for the person, who is a current client of the bank and has a good credit history. The bigger money turnaround on the account he has, the more credit money for use he has.

Unfortunately, those with a bad credit history, without stable income or unbanked, can not apply for the use of credit money in such terms.

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