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Davao is a city in the Philippines on the shores of the bay with the same name, the main port of the island of Mindanao. There is an international airport, woodworking and food industries, and abacus production. The population is around 1700 000 people, which makes the city the third most populous in the country. Such a large population create the need for high speed convenient lending service, which is fully satisfied by the companies providing financial assistance in the area.

Loans From Banks Vs Micro Loans From Lending Companies

Microcredit has been waging a real war with bank loans for a long time, because each side considers itself necessary, if not the only necessary, for its client. Who is winning, is there a consensus and what are the prospects for the development of microcredit in Philippines?

The purpose of microcrediting is financial assistance to a client for urgent needs. Urgently need to pay a apartment, buy a gift or the right thing in the long-awaited sale? This problem can be solved online to your credit card, which you can get quickly, simply and conveniently.

Another advantage of cash loans in an hour is the lack of strict requirements for borrowers. This allows you to get money on credit to students, the elderly, people with a low credit rating and without a stable salary. The main thing is to be an adult citizen of Philippines and not have valid loan arrears.

As the statistics show, the growth in requests for microloans is more noticeable on the eve of the holidays (New Year, Christmas) and during sales in stores (BlackFriday and others). As you can see, a microloan is not only a monetary “insurance” before a salary, but also a convenient help in buying the necessary things.

Treatment and medical services are also one of the popular purposes of microcredit. Force majeure circumstances in a family always force to act rationally and quickly.

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Can Microcredit Correct My Credit History?

Many citizens of Davao are faced with the fact that due to poor credit history, banks refuse to provide loans. Contacting pawnshops is unprofitable, so it is expected that people will be interested in whether it is possible to correct credit history with microloans. In such a situation, it is better to borrow funds from lending companies under optimal conditions.

To fix the credit history, it is enough for the creditor to have a passport and a bank card. Unlike pawnshops, in lending companies the interest rate is lower. You no longer need to receive an income statement, look for a surety for a borrower and mess with documents. Lenders offer quick cash withdrawals at the nearest ATM in Davao.

So, is it possible to correct credit history with microloans? This is the best solution to fix credit history for money. Before sending an application for processing, make sure that the specified information is entered correctly and does not require adjustment.

How Many Loans Can I Tame at Once?

The lender first of all looks at the credit rating and solvency of the borrower. But in order to protect themselves, lending companies, as a rule, issue a new loan online only after the full repayment of the previous one.

It is theoretically possible to apply to several organizations around Davao at the same time, and many people do it for three main reasons:

  • they are afraid that they will refuse;
  • it is possible to choose from a variety of options one of the most favorable conditions;
  • getting maximum financial assistance right away.

So how many loans can you take on one name? In practice, lenders do not prohibit taking multiple microloans at the same time. Their number depends on the solvency and good faith of the borrower in relations with creditors.

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