Learn All About Online Baccarat In The Philippines

Baccarat has emerged as one of the fixed and highly preferred table games in the top-ranking online casinos in the Philippines. This exceptional game involves simple-to-understand rules and is ideal for all amateur and hardcore gamblers.

It is played with six decks of cards, and the gamblers focus on obtaining a winning hand while aiming to get a score as close to nine as possible. The game requires no practice or skills as it’s entirely up to the player’s intuition and luck.

Thanks to the thrill and excitement it has instilled upon the casino players, most of them now visit online casino sites just to enjoy this table game. However, you should remember that bets on Banker and Player come with a low house edge, which boosts the chances of your winning and making a profit.

Side bets like Perfect Pair, Banker Pair, and Player Pair come with lower payout percentages, but they ensure better payouts. Another bet is Tie, where you can get a decent prize, but you should only go for this wager type when you plan not to lose any money in the long run.

No matter how simple the game sounds or actually is, professional gamblers still manage to make big wins through this game. You may wonder how? Well, those who know every intricate little detail of the game get such big wins.

Take no worries, as this article will share every available detail on Baccarat so that you can earn big the next time you play this game. So, let’s start.

Learn The Baccarat Rules

The rules of playing Baccarat need you to place all the bets on any specific hand before the hand starts. Once done, the game begins with the dealer shuffling and giving two cards each to both hands. These hands, as you know, are the Banker and the Player.

When it comes to online Baccarat, the game aims to forecast which one of these hands will later accumulate a sum close to nine. This step is accomplished by placing the wager on the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand, or on the Tie.

When determining and calculating the hand total (no matter which one), the value of an ace card is one, the value of every ‘face’ card and tens is zero, and all the other cards have a score equivalent to their face value.

Nevertheless, in many instances, one of the hands can achieve a score higher than nine. In that case, the hand’s score gets adjusted by deducting ten from their standard total.

Who gets to draw a third card – the Banker or the player – is decided based on the house rules of the particular venue or casino site. And no matter what, one of the hands will always get entitled to a total of three cards.

If you correctly place a wager on the winning Player’s hand, you get entitled to a 1:1 payout. Nevertheless, if you accurately predict the winning Banker’s hand and place a bet on it, you also qualify for the same 1:1 payout. As per the Baccarat rules, you also get entitled to a 5% commission.

This reduces the payout odds on the Banker’s hand to 19:20. However, if you place a bet on a Tie and the rounds turn in your favor, you get eligible for a payout of 8:1.

Baccarat Online: How To Play This Game?

Baccarat is undoubtedly an entertainment-packed casino game that fascinates thousands of players worldwide with its minimalism and seamlessness.

Online Baccarat is no complex game; it needs you to do nothing more than place a bet and click on the ‘deal’ icon. You won’t have to make any playing decisions anytime soon as an embedded action grid is implemented to determine those decisions.

Given that, knowing some beneficial info can assist you in better understanding the betting strategies and the game’s peculiarity.

As stated above, the prominence of this table game lies within your betting strategies. There’s a set of rules outlined on a table for each turn of the card dealt that everyone can see. Remember that all face cards have the value of ten or zero. The rest of the cards consist of the same value as their face value.

The Bet

The Baccarat round starts with you placing a bet. As the player, you get entitled to three wagering options. The three spots (hands) on which you can place the bet include the ‘Banker’ hand, the ‘Player’ hand, and the ‘Tie’ hand.

The Deal

Two cards get dealt by the dealer each for the Banker and the Player side. Depending on the result of the first four cards (in total) dealt, the dealer will be given the next set of cards. The basic aim of the game is to obtain the hand closest to the sum of nine.

Moreover, a total of eight or nine dealt to one of the sides with only the first two cards is declared the ‘obvious, natural’ winner. It will be a tie when both sides get a total of eight or nine.

The Rules For The Player

The player (you) automatically gets entitled to an extra card when they are dealt with 0-5. The player stands when they receive a six or seven. If they get an eight or nine, they’re declared the winner.

The Rules For The Dealer

Things are a bit complex on the dealer’s side. Depending on what the player has done, the dealer’s side adheres to one of the six unique courses of action.

The Outcomes

From a gambling viewpoint, Baccarat is regarded as one of the most advantageous casino games for players. The player’s side is entitled to a house advantage of 1.24%. However, the advantage on the Banker’s side is just 1.06%.

The house advantage on the Tie side is a whopping 14.4%. You get a 1:1 payout for a win on the player’s hand. The payout is the same for a win on the Banker’s hand, but you also get entitled to a 5% commission. However, the payout ranges between 8:1 to 11:1 for a win on the Tie hand, depending on the casino site.

Baccarat Online: How To Bet?

If you place the wager on the Player side and the outcome is closest to nine, you will get twice the amount you wagered. When betting on the Banker side, which turns out to be the winning side, you get 95% of your wager as a payout.

However, you must remember that when the sum is above nine, you’ll have to eliminate the first digit to know your actual value for the round. For instance, if you get 8 + 6 = 14, take out the ‘1’ = 4.

Another betting option, as stated above, is a Tie that entitles you to an 8:1 payout. To help you stay updated with your score, the live Baccarat tables offer score sheets on the screen.

Bet On The Player’s Hand

A confusing factor about this game is the withdrawal of the third card. However, one thing you must always remember is that this has nothing to do with strategy, as all these decisions are done by the dealer and covered under the game rules.

So, what you’re left to do as a player simply follows the way the game proceeds. However, it’s always best to have a proper idea of the expected outcome or proceedings.

The third card is dealt when the sum of the Player’s side ranges between 0-5 or is equivalent to 10. However, in the case of a ‘stand,’ where the sum of the Player’s side is either 6 or 7, no third card is dealt. Plus, no third card is dealt when the sum is 8 or 9, as it’s considered a ‘natural’ win.

Here is a table that summarizes these above actions:

Sum of The First Two Cards Action
1 to 5, or 10 Third Card is Drawn
6 or 7 Stand
8 or 9 Natural – Stand

Bet On The Banker’s Hand

The betting rules for the Banker side are the same as that of the Player side, only with more details. Again, here also, the dealer is liable for implementing the rules and will decide which action needs to be taken. Here is a table that summarizes the actions of the Banker side:

Sum of The First Two Cards Stand on Third Card Draw on Third Card
3 8 1 to 7, 9, 10
4 1, 8, 9, 10 2 to 7
5 1 to 3, 8 to 10 4 to 7
6 1 to 5, 8 to 10 6 and 7
7 Stand
8-0 Natural – Stand
0-1-2 Always Draw

One more thing to note: there won’t be any loss if the round ends in a tie. When the sum of the first two cards is 8 or 9, the respective side is declared as ‘natural,’ giving it an obvious win. However, if both sides (Banker and Player) get ‘naturals’ of the same value, then the round is considered a tie. If none of the sides gets a ‘natural,’ a third card is dealt to determine the winner.

Baccarat Online: House Edge

Here is a simple table that will help you understand the house edge of different types of bets on Baccarat online:

Type of Bet House Edge
Player 1.36%
Banker 1.06%
Tie 14.40%

Types of Online Baccarat: Three Most Popular Variations

You’ll get plenty of variations when it comes to online Baccarat. Some of the most played and preferred online baccarat variants include:

  • Punto Banco
  • Chemin De Fer
  • Baccarat Banque

Punto Banco

This is one of the most popular online baccarat versions that is mostly preferred by high rollers in Asia. This variant is mainly about a betting game between the ‘banker’ and the ‘player.’ The player only has to decide the hand (side) on which they want to place the bet. The result will solely depend on your pure luck.

In Punto Banco, a few decks of cards are shuffled together, and each card rank has a unique numerical value. The Aces and the number cards have their face value regarding score (points). The value of face cards and tens is zero.

The dealer gives both the Banker and the player two cards and tells the score. Based on the score, both hands can decide to either request or stand a third card (the request can only be made if the score total is five or less). If the player stands, the suit will be followed by the Banker.

Chemin De Fer

Chemin De Fer is another excellent variant of the baccarat game. The game was designed to incorporate the dealer’s preference, with players acting as the banker in between the gameplay.

If you have seen ‘Casino Royale’ – an early James Bond film – you’ll find this version of Baccarat being featured and played there. Unlike Punto Banco, here, both the Banker and the player cannot always draw the third card.

This variant is unique because it typically needs a minimum of six players on the table. Here, two cards are dealt both to the Banker and the player. The player will be positioned on the dealer’s right side, acting as the first Banker, and subsequently, it will proceed in an anti-clockwise direction around the table.

Baccarat Banque

This is the true traditional form of Baccarat from the nineteenth century. In this variant, three decks of 52-cards are dealt with, and the rules are almost similar to that of the Chemin de Fer variant.

The unique thing about this variant is that the player side stays the same (fixed) while the banker side gets to play further on. In this baccarat type, you get both sides to the table where the Banker is assigned to the right side and the player to the left.

The player on the right gets one hand allocated, whereas the other card is dealt to the player on the left. The third is dealt to the Banker in the middle. Here, there will be no competition among both sides of the table. Instead, they’ll play against the Banker.

Play Baccarat At Live Dealer Online Casinos

Now that you know the fundamental rules and ways to play online Baccarat, you are ready for the ‘next-level’ entertainment phase. Live dealer baccarat takes the excitement and enjoyment of this game to elevated levels, letting you enjoy the gameplay in real time and giving you the vibe of a brick-and-mortar casino.

A live dealer baccarat game is unique because you get an additional user interface to communicate with other players or the dealer. The dealer receives your messages and even reacts to those texts verbally through a microphone, which every player on the table can hear.

Whether you play the standard version of the baccarat game, multi-player baccarat, mini Baccarat, or punto banco with a live dealer, the rules and terms will almost be the same. Typically, when you play live dealer baccarat, you can expect the dealer to shuffle six to eight decks in total.

Playing Baccarat Mobile

Thanks to rapid technological advancement, now you can enjoy Baccarat on your mobile. Yes, you can play Baccarat on all Android, Windows, and iOS devices anywhere, at any time.

Your approach to leisure will completely change if you have Baccarat on your phone. Simply put, engaging in the game in this manner is by far the most practical, whether playing it on your bed, during your transit, during recess, between conferences, or while awaiting an appointment.

Playing and enjoying Baccarat on a smartphone is a remarkably easy and simple process. To begin with, this table game is a game of luck, like the majority of other casino games. This implies that learning ridiculously complicated tactics is unnecessary to succeed in this game.

A baccarat game will typically accommodate around 8 and 12 people, based on the variant, and Baccarat is often dealt with eight full card decks. Baccarat tables are typically placed in private spaces distinct from the other tables in physical casinos. The term “baccarat pit” typically refers to this casino area.

All About Baccarat Bonuses

Gambling sites are constantly seeking strategies to keep their patrons satisfied, and among those methods is through offering promos and bonuses. Unfortunately, table games don’t really appear to be nearly as prominent as slot machines in online casino promos, which typically focus on free spins as the main perk.

However, this doesn’t imply that baccarat gamers are abandoned. Simply put, it may be a bit more difficult to find deals that offer rewards for playing table games like Baccarat. Gambling sites promote high-quality bonuses as part of their commitment to interacting with and rewarding players.

Their marketing is tailored to fans with specific requirements that require a challenging work environment. Baccarat games and Lightning Baccarat are two of the more popular online promos available.

Additionally, every promo may benefit players in different ways. For example, Baccarat enables users to compete online against other fans of the game. You will receive a piece if you participate in a game and become one of the winners.

Tips To Win In Online Baccarat

Until You Lose, Place Bets On The Banker.

It is better to wager on the Banker when you intend to play online Baccarat. That’s because the Banker’s odds of winning consistently are just a little bit above 50%. Don’t place another wager right away once the Banker loses. It’s recommended to hold off until the next choice is made. In the event of a draw, neither the player nor the Banker loses.

Tie Bets Are Not Accepted

Since tie bets are unseen, it’s not advised to wager at them. Simply stated, it implies that they’re treated as a “stop” in the gameplay and therefore don’t count.

Play Brief Games Of Baccarat Online

It is advised to play a few brief sessions of online Baccarat before making substantial wagers. You should understand how virtual baccarat tables operate after reading this. Additionally, being an excellent way to train keeps you from pursuing your misfortunes.

Review The Rules And Regulations

The best way to proceed is to review the conditions and policies before making any wagers. The casino incentives it provides are up to you to decide. You should also look at the wagering conditions.

Note: Always review the wagering conditions prior to claiming incentives and bonuses. You must risk varying sums at various online casinos, and some may not pay out on winnings achieved using “bonus” money. Ensure that the price is fair.

Never Alter Your Approach Mid-Game

Never alter your gambling tactic amid a game, regardless of its importance. Switching your approach could break the rhythm. It is advisable to stop playing and retrieve your funds when you’re losing.

Comprehend The Game

No matter if you’re an experienced baccarat player, reviewing the guidelines before playing is a good idea. It is advised that you start at a good introductory level to comprehend the tips you need to be aware of.

The History of Baccarat

Here’s a short rundown before you go into the regulations. The name “baccara,” which translates to “zero” in Italian, was formerly used to refer to the game which started there.

Even though the contemporary game of Baccarat was formed in the late nineteenth century with the French version termed “Chemin de fer,” the game’s origins date back to the fifteenth century.

The game has already changed over time and was first made available in Las Vegas casinos throughout the 1950s.

In addition to the abundant portrayal of the game of cards by novelists like Ian Fleming, Baccarat has become a favorite among big spenders due to the priority pass it receives in most casinos, where it can be played in distinct rooms filled with wealthy thresholds.

However, the main room of many casinos also hosts “mini” baccarat games that just don’t need such big wagers. There are numerous variants of Baccarat, which might change the necessary competence and gaming approach.

Now, most big US and Philippine casino websites provide a version of the game’s most basic variant, Punto Banco.

FAQs: Online Baccarat In The Philippines

Where can I get to enjoy playing Baccarat in the Philippines?

You can enjoy playing Baccarat online at some of the top real-money online casinos in the Philippines. Plus, you can also play Baccarat online without downloading any software on the web browser. Simply open and load the game on your browser and start playing.

Do I need some practice and training to be able to play Baccarat?

No, you won’t require any special training or skills to play Baccarat, as it’s a simple and fast-to-learn casino game. You must believe in your intuition and place the wager on the hand you think will win.

Can I play Baccarat on mobile for money?

Yes, you can play Baccarat online on your mobile device (both iOS and Android), as several real money Baccarat casinos in the Philippines offer the mobile-optimized version of these games.

Which are the most famous and preferred types of Baccarat among casino players?

One of the most famous and highly in-demand Baccarat types is Punto Banco. This game variation implements and adheres to the standard rules of Baccarat. However, two other famous Baccarat Banque and Chemin De Fer.

Why does a banker have the upper hand in Baccarat?

In Baccarat, the Banker takes a third card when the player draws a card that will probably assist that hand. That’s the solution to the discrepancy in winning percentage. In one way or the other, it turns Baccarat into blackjack.

What odds to expect when playing Baccarat?

When playing Baccarat on a regular online table, the house odds vary between 1.01% to 1.24% on the bets placed by the Banker and the player. However, some Baccarat tables come with higher limits than others.

Can I count cards on a Baccarat table?

Yes, you can count cards while playing Baccarat as the cards are distributed face-up. It lets you check the outcome right away. The outcome is the sum of both cards owned by the hand.

What is the maximum score I can get in Baccarat?

The maximum, rather the highest, score one can achieve while playing Baccarat is 9 points. The sum of cards owned by the single hand must be close to or equal to 9.

Does any strategy work when you play Baccarat?

Yes, the winning strategy for Baccarat is placing a bet on the Banker, as it is regarded as the best hand. You can keep placing bets on it until it loses. However, avoid placing a wager on a Tie as it has the lowest winning chances.

Is Baccarat a winning game?

If you place the bet on the Banker, your chances of winning will be much higher. That’s because the Banker’s hand wins more often instead of losing.

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